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Memorial in Litvínov-Záluží


Corten sheet, rivets 400 x 400 x 40 cm, realized

This area, belonging into the urban district of Záluží, Kopisty and Růžodol, pursuant to the Munich Agreement, was separated from Czechoslovakia in 1938. The construction of the chemical plant for production of synthetic fuels from coal started on May 5th, 1939.


The first litres of petrol were produced on December 12th, 1942. Tens of thousands of civilians, prisoners and also war prisoners of 32 nationalities from all parts of Europe, including 25 thousand Czechs, worked on the construction site of this plant. The first air raid was executed on May 12th, 1944. Thousands of people died in consequence of bombing and very hard and inhumane conditions. Only some of them could be identified. Honour their memory!

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