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Hourly norm



Copper 60cm, foil PE 100cm, Copper 60cm, foil PE 100cm, 60 minute process


My heartbeat is my metronome, at the same time I am beating a bowl and inflating a balloon.


The installation is made up of two objects: a copper bowl and a plastic inflatable balloon.


The process of this work is a paraphrase of an "excellent working output” and getting "great results” in a short time frame. It is a reaction of a society which focuses on constant production and results, where the value of humankind is determined by the result of the work they do.


This artificially created module is also reflected in everyday situations, when we try to do many things simultaneously and effectively fill our time. The speed of my heartbeat dictates the rhythm with which I beat the bowl. However, my heartbeat is accelerated by this exercise and increases the speed of the whole performance. The process not only moulds the bowl, but also my own respiratory cycle, which was then captured in the inflatable balloon.

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