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Dreamy reflections



When I fly above the clouds am I dreaming?
Bubble blower, steel, electrotechnics, cloth

When I blink the image disappears?
Spinning top toy, magnifying glass, steel, plinth

This project reflects the possibilities of expressing figurative ideas in our minds.
This is a long-term project, which consists of interrogative sentences of a dream type. More precisely, the questions that usually do not require answers. In their dreaminess and absurdity, these language phenomena are transmitted in a narrative form to the individual objects of cyclical or interactive character.


When I sleep, am I alive?

When I sneeze, have I control of my body?

When I look into the sun, is everything clearer?

When the flake falls, am I melting?


When I am looking at my watch, is it real time?


When. . .

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