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Asteroid 331



gypsum, bandage, iron, plywood, office supplies   

different sizes

See the lamb in the crate. Understand what makes a person good. Preserve innocence in a world that is once again slipping (like in the time of Antoine de Saint-Exupery). The Little Prince's journey to Earth after the visits of asteroids 325 to 330 is an important memento for us, how not to fall into the ruts, how to see the world alive and true.

The young author Markéta Oplištilová has prepared an unusual experience for visitors in the Art Space NOV exhibition space. She realized that creation, creativity, playfulness were born in our heads, and she invited us into our own heads. The shaped white matter represents the center of thought, ideas, reflections and shifts, but it is also one of the little prince asteroids he could visit. She named it Planetka 331. For the shape, she was inspired by the name of the gallery - NOV, a moon that is new and probably round. The purity of the white plaster mass is reminiscent of the pure innocence of the Little Prince, who has seen so many planets and so many stupid human strategies and still wants to see the lamb and love the rose.

In the exhibition Planet 331, the author encourages viewers to involvement, to participate. They can work with the exhibition and in the exhibition, change it, disrupt the mass by scratching, pencil or cutting. This time we can become co-creators, whether we consider ourselves an artist or not.

Markéta Oplištilová has an unusual amount of the Little Prince in her. In her work, she creates a space for cooperation with visitors, a path through the transformation of the given, a path to your own core of creativity, to your own head. The goal of her work is not to manage and inhabit space, but like the Little Prince: to let us seek a relationship with ourselves, our own roots, time, natural cycles, or the space in which we move. The exhibition is unusually very accessible to children and adults.

Martina Vítková, curator´s text of the exhibition Asteroid 331

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